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The Lost Wife by Alyson Richmond

31 Jul

Very rarely can a book lead me to tears, and never once before did I cry over the first fifty pages. The Lost Wife did this to be. I picked up this book without knowing too much about the story, but it is beautiful.

Richmon writes about a couple who fell in love before World War II in Prague, and because of the destruction and unforgivingness of war, were separated, both believed to be dead or lost forever.  They both continue with their lives under the assumption their loved one has passed away, but always holding a place in their hearts for their first love. They attend their grand children’s wedding and meet once again.The novel shifts seamlessly from the present day, to the stories of Lenka and Josef meeting, falling in love, and then surviving their separation.

The novels I have read about this era have been bleak, grays and blues of the camps, the death and the despair felt by all. Richmond instead looks towards the vibrant colors of the human spirit, resilience, and the hope love can bring. She in no way veers away from the realism of what happened during hat terrible time, but embraces it as she embraces that love can help get through the most painful times.  It is wonderfully written, the plot is heartbreaking and uplifting simultaneously.

If you want to read more about Alyson Richmond or her novel, please visit her website here.

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