My parents knew I had a reading problem when I read all my Amber Brown and Roald Dahl books on week-long vacation in elementary school by Wednesday, and they had bring me to a book store on the Cape for more reading… more than once. It had been like that ever since, except I have learned to love libraries and used book stores (my wallet appreciates that.)

I am a recent college graduate (English, writing and communication) who is lucky enough to be working for my alma mater. I live in New England which is beautiful all year long. I had plans for the next few years, but right now, I am rethinking about everything, and just going with the flow, which has opened my eyes to so many possibilities, who knows what will come next.

I have always been a voracious reader of anything. Thrillers, non-fiction, mysteries, you name it, I hopefully have read something in that genre. My go to genre is the romance – as I affectionately call them, my fluff books, my escape from the everyday. Who doesn’t want a good love story where it all ends up being a happy?

If you have a book recommendation, or a thought on a book, please, let me know! I always love to get book suggestions!


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